Value of Filming Practice, with Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s Pyry Lukkarila

Coach education must always precede player development.

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In episode 202 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we’re pleased to be joined by Pyry Lukkarila, Head of Coach Development for the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

Lukkarila has played a key role in re-shaping Finland’s coach education system and his unique role in the hockey industry has him in a constant state of uncovering what’s next by researching the top programs and coaches in and outside of hockey.

If you look at the recent string of international success by a country of just under 67,000 hockey players, it’s clear that his work is paying off.

In the past three World Championships, the Finns have captured two Golds and one Silver. The previous eight World Junior Championships have resulted in three Golds, one Silver and one Bronze. And in the past six U18 World Championships, they have brought home two Golds, a Silver and a Bronze.

Listen as he shares why coach education must always precede player development, why nothing is accomplished without good player-coach communication, and why alignment is critical to an affective development process.

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