Global Skills Showcase Drill Book – Andrei Lavrov

Andrei Lavrov Photo
Andrei Lavrov

Check out the drills Andrei shared during his Global Skills Showcase presentation, including a great Skating Warm Up.

Andrei Lavrov grew up, like many children around the world, wanting to play professional hockey. Because of health issues, Lavrov never achieved that goal. But we all know that when one door closes, another one opens. Lavrov, a self-described hockey and skating fanatic, began competing in Red Bull Crushed Ice events, including the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship. He became part of the Red Bull family and is now a Development Coach with EC Red Bull Salzburg.

During his Global Skills Showcase presentation on skating power vs. efficiency, Lavrov discusses what actual hockey speed is, explains push direction, profiles types of skate blades, and provides on and off ice drills and exercises to help players improve their skating efficiency.

Skating Warm Up


Use this set up as a part of your warm up routine (approx. 15):
1. “Side Push” – Up the ice (2-4 straight per leg, alternate each time):

  • Shoulders and hips parallel to ice.
  • Keep alignment (chin-belly button-knee-skate) in one line.
  • Push to the side – full blade on the ice – no toe flicking.

2. “Skulling” or “Hybrid Lunge” – Down the ice:

  • Skates shoulder width apart.
  • Shoulders parallel to the ice.
  • Hips parallel to the ice “keep the box” shoulders and hips“looking forward”and“stacked.”
  • Transfer weight (“slide hips”) from one leg to the other, pause, repeat on other side.


  • Full extension with full blade on ice. • Recover under your body.
  • Repeat.
  • Keep alignment (chin-belly button-knee-skate) in one line.
  • Skates don’t wobble – “train tracks.”
  • No speed needed – it is not the race – feel your weight.
  • If you don’t have full ice available (for example because of goalie warm up), do similar progression in a zone

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