Hockey Coach Behaviour for a More Effective Game - 4

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Effective warm-ups need our attention as coaches. Have a Trainer, Assistant Coach or other professional monitor warm-ups. As a key to preventing minor and serious injury, an effective routine also drives performance potential. Evaluate your player’s current warm-up.

It must:

  • Activate a physiologic response - players’ body temperatures must elevate and a good sweat must be derived.
  • The large muscles of the lower extremity must be activated through movement and calesthetics.
  • Working together players must be systematic working toes to head. Don’t allow players to forget their shoulders and their necks. These bodily areas are vital to player safety.
  • Stability, balance and muscular-coordination movements are a must in the warm-up. These activity types activate a neuromuscular connection and response.

Add in a few teambuilders for good measure and you will have a solid pre-practice and pre-competition routine. 

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