A Guide to Being a Varsity Hockey Player

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Malcolm Sutherland

Being part of a team is a special honour. As a player, you can expect to contribute to the team by sharing your strengths. You are unique and valued. That is why you have been selected. You can also expect to reveal your weaknesses. This will take courage and the support of your teammates. Never be afraid of getting better by showing where you need some help.

When you are on a team, all your words and all your actions – before, during and after practices and games – reflect not only on you but also on your teammates, coaches, staff and your team. Act towards the ideal. Find teammate examples of excellence and treat others how you'd like to be treated. Do this by being encouraging and supporting each other on and off the ice.

Making yourself a better teammate – Here’s how you can tell: 

  1. My coaches and teammates would say I give maximum effort in workouts, practices and competitions.
  2. My coaches and teammates would say I am teachable and I accept feedback so that I can learn, grow and get better.
  3. I am a 24-hour student-athlete who manages diet, hydration and sleep. I watch what I put in my body so that I can find my personal best performance.
  4. I seek out ways to improve through physical and mental training and help my teammates to do the same.

Making my teammates better – Here’s how you can tell:

  1. I actively support my team’s leaders and seek out opportunities to help other players, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors even if I don’t wear a letter.
  2. My teammates would describe me as positive, competitive and a constructive valued player who has played his part.
  3. My coaches and teammates would say I’m a team player who helps build team chemistry. My priority is team success and I accept my role to help my team.

Making my team & school better – Here’s how you can tell:

  1. I honour my school, team, division, conference and league by respecting rules, opponents, officials, coaches, teammates and myself.
  2. I use my status and influence as a varsity athlete to improve my school, my community and the sport.
  3. I honour the privilege to play. 
  4. Because I appreciate my student-athlete experience I always speak positively about the program.

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