Strategies for Improving Your Penalty Kill, with Calgary Flames’ Ryan Huska

"A lot of it is making sure they're good in the habitual areas of the penalty kill...If you really focus on the habits, they're able to react accordingly."

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In episode 221 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we’re joined by a friend of the show, Ryan Huska of the Calgary Flames Ryan Huska. 

Calgary’s Assistant Coach recently wrapped up his fifth season with the Flames and will be joining us at TCS Live, Hockey’s Premiere Coaching Conference, this June at the University of Michigan. Huska will be presenting on the penalty kill and as you’ll hear in this episode, has a lot to offer on the subject.

In 2014, Huska was hired by the Flames organization as the Head Coach of their American League affiliate, the Adirondack Flames. He held that position for one season before moving West as the Flames relocated their affiliate to Stockton, California. In 2018, he received the call to join the big club in Calgary, where he’s worked under the likes of Bill Peters, Geoff Ward, and Darryl Sutter.

During that time, he’s been in charge of the Flames penalty kill. When it comes to how he approaches improving a team’s PK, he’s a big proponent starting with good habits.

“A lot of it is making sure they’re good in the habitual areas of the penalty kill. Getting under sticks, making sure that we pressure together, trying to steer them into a certain area of the ice so we can outnumber them…If you really focus on the habits, they’re able to react accordingly.”

Listen as he discusses the special teams chess match that takes during a playoff series, being intentional about finding time to build relationships with players, and the coaches he admires outside of hockey.

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