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Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: 23 October 2023

Welcome to The Coaches Site! To ensure the TCS Platform remains a valuable resource for everyone we have developed this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) to outline the rules and guidelines for using our TCS Platform responsibly and respectfully. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; rather it is a guide for your use of the TCS Platform. By using the TCS Platform you agree to abide by this AUP as well as the Terms and Conditions available here. Please read it carefully to understand your rights and obligations. Terms that we have not defined here have the meaning defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Conduct Requirements

Professional Conduct: The TCS Platform is designed to facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge, and insights among coaches. It is intended for learning, teaching, networking, and collaboration. You may only use the TCS Platform for these purposes. You are responsible for contributing to a safe, supportive, and orderly online environment that is conducive to learning for others.

Respectful Communication: Participants are expected to contribute positively to the community, through respectful and professional communication at all times. This includes refraining from using offensive, abusive, discriminatory, or defamatory language or content. Treat others with courtesy and avoid personal attacks or harassment.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using the TCS Platform. This includes but is not limited to privacy laws, anti-spam laws, and intellectual property laws.

[Code of Ethics: We ask that our users adhere at all times to the professional standards and ethics of their sport’s governing body and the Coaching Association of Canada’s Code of Ethics, which is available here.

Content Guidelines:

Responsibility for Content: You are responsible for the content you post. The Coaches Site does not pre-screen the content posted on the TCS Platform, but has the right to remove any content at our discretion – for example if it violates this AUP or the Terms of Services. You may not use the TCS Platform in a manner that violates any laws or the rights of any third parties.

Promote Fair Play and Skill Improvement. When you post content on the TCS Platform, this content should be holistically considered to promote best practices, fair play, and skills development. Your content should align with the rules and regulations of your spot, emphasize the importance of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship in the sporting arena, and discourage any form of cheating, doping, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Safety and Well-Being. Ensure that the content you post follows best safety practices, does not put any athlete at risk of harm, and includes any relevant information other users may require for the well-being and safety of their athletes.

Intellectual Property. Do not post or share any materials that you do not own without proper authorization. This includes any copyrightable materials (such as videos, clips, or images you did not take and do not have rights to), or posting content without properly attributing credit to the creator.

Confidentiality: Participants should respect the confidentiality of any information shared on the TCS Platform. Do not disclose confidential or proprietary information without proper authorization.

Personal Information: Do not post or share any materials that includes any personal information about another person without that person’s consent. This includes information like that person’s age, name, or location, or any images, voice recordings, video footage, or commentary on them.

Personal Information of Minors: You may not, under any circumstances, post any images, videos, recordings, or other personal information of any individual who is under the age of majority in their province or territory of residence.

Relevant and Professional Content: Participants should contribute content that is relevant to the TCS Platform's purpose and adds value to the professional community. Avoid posting unrelated or promotional content that may distract or spam other users. Do not use the TCS Platform to ‘spam’ others or promote your businesses.

Accuracy and Truthfulness: Yous must ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the information that you share. Content that is false or misleading can lead to significant risk and potentially harm to others.

Prohibited Content: Participants must not post or share content that is unsafe, illegal, obscene, pornographic, violent, or otherwise offensive. This includes content that promotes unsafe activities, discrimination, hate speech, or illegal activities.

Participant Responsibilities:

Account Security: Participants are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts. Keep your login credentials confidential and promptly report any unauthorized access or suspicious activities.

Reporting Violations: Please promptly report any violations of this AUP or any abusive behavior you may encounter on the TCS Platform. Reporting helps us maintain a safe and respectful community.

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