Work your 2 on 1s with wide drives and slip passes or slashing hard inside.

Submitted by Halifax MACs U18 coach Tim Boyce in the 2022 TCS Live Drill Book, this 2 on 1 drill works various ways of attacking off the rush and in the offensive zone.


Both sides start on whistle. F1 passes to D1 who is back peddling in middle zone. Once D1 hits blue line, F2 releases up the wall as an outlet to F2. At the same time F1 is driving around the Center circle and drives on the inside shoulder of the Coach who is acting as a D. F2 gains zone and can work slip pass to F1 or slash inside for a shot or pass. D follows up for point shot off pass from F1 or F2.

Key Points

  • F1 Drive the heels (inside of Coach shoulder) with stick available and stay available off F2 slash.
  • F2 wide drive and slip pass or slash hard inside.
  • D can join the rush. Shoot for sticks with head up.
  • Net front traffic. Hunt for rebounds.

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