The New Coaches Site, a Platform for Our Global Community

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Since 2011, The Coaches Site has been known as the premier coaching resource, showcasing the best and brightest minds in the game. We believe that the people best equipped to educate coaches are other coaches and it's in our DNA to help coaches share their best ideas.

That's why our team at The Coaches Site are excited to introduce you to our new platform where our global membership can Connect, Communicate & Collaborate on the best ways to lead their teams.

Our new platform is still going to give you access to all the great content you come to expect from us, but we’ve added 5 key features to enhance your experience on TCS. These features include:


 Now, every coach has a space where they can share their experience in the game. Your profile page allows you to:

  • Share a bio on yourself and your coaching philosophies
  • Display a digital resume of the teams you’ve coached
  • Showcase your coaching certifications and education

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 On the new platform, all members can publish their coaching resources. Whether you're creating content for your personal library or looking to share with other members on The Coaches Site, you can upload:

  • Videos of your drills
  • Breakdowns of tactics and systems
  • PDFs of your practice plans
  • Interviews and podcasts from coaching leaders

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Now that each coach has a profile, you can start connecting with other members on the platform. This could be within your association, or coaches from around the world who are sharing content that you enjoy. By connecting with other coaches on TCS you can:

  • Learn new perspectives on how to teach skills and tactics
  • Comment and ask questions about the content that others share
  • Save your favourite resources to your profile

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 As you begin uploading and collecting new content, you'll be able to save it in your locker. This feature empowers you to create a library of resources that's unique to you. From your locker, you can:

  • Tag and categorize your saved content
  • Share clipboards with other coaches in your network
  • Document and plan for your season's practices

Build your digital locker


Bringing the collaboration up a notch, our new group features allow members to create and share content within a private space. TCS Groups enables coaching staffs, associations, leagues and governing bodies to:

  • Connect all their members under one roof
  • Build a central locker of drills, videos and documents 
  • Share best practices and resources

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Moving forward, individual coaches and organizations of all sizes are going to be able to easily manage their coaching content and connect with our global community, all from the comforts of our new platform.

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