How to Build a Team of Leaders, with Leadership Coach Marc Guevremont

"Someone is not born a leader, they're not predispositioned based on their personality to be a great leader. They have skills that they've developed over time."

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So many people talk about the importance of leadership, but Marc Guevremont actually has built a 20+ year career working with teams and coaches from major junior and NCAA levels, all the way to the NHL, to maximize their leadership and create cultures of excellence.

In this episode, Guevremont drops a ton of knowledge and throws in some great examples to help coaches invest in developing their ‘soft’ skills of leadership and moving away from the ‘old school’ mentality.

Specifically he breaks down the following:

  • The relationship between leadership, trust, culture, and results
  • Connection (thermometer) vs correction (thermostat)
  • Value based principles: value self, value other’s perspective, and add value to others

Safe to say, Guevremont is an advocate in the fight against the ‘old school’ coaching mentality and you too can join us by sharing with your fellow coaches!

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