Hockey Factories Podcast Ep. 4: Longevity

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What successful organizations do to stay at the top takes years and years of consistency, improvement and reflection.

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With a few things going your way, nearly any program could have flash-in-the-pan success. But what Shattuck-St. Mary’s, the Okanagan Hockey Academy, Adler Mannheim, Jokerit and Frolunda are doing takes years and years of consistency, improvement and reflection.

In episode 4, Matt Dumouchelle looks at questions like: How do these programs continue to produce some of the best talent in the world? Where do they see their own room for growth? And what are the biggest challenges they face in the future? There is a lot to be learned from their success.

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Matt Dumouchelle

Father to Evelyn and Crosley, Matt also serves as Assistant GM for the Leamington Flyers, 2023 Sutherland Cup Champions and members of the Ontario Jun...