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Check out the drills Lindsay Tilley shared during her Global Skills Showcase presentation, including Power Pull Transitions.

What is a power pull? It’s a one-foot, linear gliding skill that creates power through edges. Players should use it because it will make them better skaters and because they’ll love it, according to Lindsay Tilley, Founder of Hockey Edge Agility Training (HEAT).

Tilley’s presentation explains the five step learning process she uses to teach power pulls (receive, process, assimilate, store, master), and dives into the biomechanics of why it’s effective, before displaying examples of strong edge work in the game. Few are as qualified to teach this skill than Tilley, who has 25 years of coaching and skating experience.

Power Pull Transitions


  • Player pushes off, pivots backwards onto left skate and does two backward power pulls.
  • Player now makes 360 degree pivot outside onto right skate and does two more backward power pulls on the right skate.
  • Continue this pattern the length of the ice.


  • Each forward turn is followed by two backwards power pulls.
  • RFO=Right Forward Outside LFO=Left Forward Outside.
  • Focus on technique not speed. Do it right then do it a bit more quickly.

Cross Roll Power Pulls


  • Forward Skating = outside edge, inside edge then outside edge on one skate then cross roll the other skate across in front of you landing on the outside edge to start next repetition.
  • Repeat pattern, alternating feet the length of the ice.
  • Backward Skating = outside edge to inside edge on one skate then cross roll your other skate behind you, tucking it in behind before setting it down on the ice on the outside edge to start next rep.


  • Head up, shoulders square maintains a balanced position.
  • Start Power Pulls from outside edge.
  • Each rep is 3 Power Pulls followed by Cross Roll to other leg.
  • Really carve on your edges.
  • Do it right then do it a little quicker always maintaining good posture and body control.

Single Leg C-Cut Circuit


  • P1 starts on right skate going left around the 1st faceoff circle doing C-Cuts on inside edge.
  • Before the 2nd face off circle, P1 power pulls to outside edge of the right skate and C-Cuts around the faceoff circle to the right.
  • P1 now slalom hops through the middle zone on both skates to the 3rd faceoff circle.
  • P1 now C-Cuts on the outside edge of left skate going around the face off circle to the left.
  • Between the circles, power pull to inside edge of left skate and C-Cut to the right, around the 4th faceoff circle.


  • Head and shoulders up using a good knee bend during C-cuts and Slalom Jumps. • Focus on good technique maintaining good balance through the transitions.

Lindsay Tilley

Lindsay Tilley is the founder and owner of Hockey Edge Agility Training (HEAT), which provides individual and team development opportunities year...


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