Global Skills Showcase Drill Book – Justin Selman

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Justin Selman

Check out the drills Justin Selman shared during his Global Skills Showcase presentation, including Jab Escape and Stack into Hot Spot.

There is no one path to playing professional hockey, as Justin Selman outlines to begin his presentation. His route to signing an entry level NHL contract with the St. Louis Blues was through the University of Michigan; unfortunately Selman had his pro career cut short because of concussions.

He channeled his love of hockey into founding Topline Hockey, where he is now also the Director of Performance. In his presentation, Selman teaches deception: how a player can use their footwork and edges to maximize their puck touches, chances and time on possession. He uses the WHY method as a step by step guide to training deception, gives plenty of examples of deceptive movements, outlines the three phase breakdown of deceptive footwork, and ends discussing the importance of visualization.

Jab Escape 2x Wide Zone Entry


  • Attack the inside of the cone closest to boards first, jab towards middle with inside foot and immediately escape towards the boards.
  • Pass to coach as you escape and then repeat on the inside cone.
  • Jab inside escape, pick up speed with cross overs as you wind up behind coach and collect the pass, drive the wall wide with speed.
  • As you approach the defender or triangle, use the jab pull up to create space and cut inside to the middle for a shot or a second attack a a second stick handling device.


  • Accelerate out of each tight turn.
  • Fake one way before escapting in the other direction.

Jab Step – Punch Turn


  • Attack the cones on the redline inside out. Always faking towards the inside before punch turning out and away.
  • Mohawk (10-2) at the bottom cone, continue reps for 30-45 seconds.
  • Start without a puck at half speed and build to full speed with pucks.


  • Accelerate out of each tight turn. Quick cross over steps. • Sell the fake. Quick fake then jab step into punch turn.

Stack into Hot Spot


  • Set up a net on tires to elevate it off of the ice.
  • Shooter sets up near the face off dot and shoots quickly after receiving a pass from the coach.
  • The coach passes the puck under the net to simulate a pass coming through traffic.


  • Shooter starts from a static position then progresses to moving a little bit while shooting to get the shot past a potential shot blocker.
  • Hit the net.

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