Global Skills Showcase Drill Book – David Kalivoda

Check out the drills David Kalivoda shared during his Global Skills Showcase presentation, including Inside Edge to Cutback Attack.

A player’s ability to shoot, pass and stick-handle are important, but not as much as being a sound skater. David Kalivoda makes that statement early in his presentation and then backs it up by providing some quality insight on mastering edge work, inside and out.

Kalivoda, a Skills & Skating Coach with HC Sparta Praha, employs a six-step teaching process, which he demonstrates on ice throughout his video. He also provides key teaching points for coaches and key learning points for players. Get ready for your edge work to improve drastically after putting Kalivoda’s teachings to work.

Inside Edge to Cutback Attack


  • P1 picks up speed skating around the center face off circle holding the inside edge before the cone and does not lose speed through the whole turn.
  • P1 transfers weight from skate to skate using the inside edges before the obstacle then makes a quick turn around it.
  • P1 enters the offensive zone and makes a cutback move in front of the bumper before driving to the net.


  • Try to hold speed up through tight turns.
  • Work both inside and outside edges.
  • After a few repetitions switch to the other side of the rink to work turns in both directions.

Jump, Turn and Shot


  • P1 sprints to the first obstacle jumping over it from left foot to the right foot, maintaining top speed to the next cone then making a sharp turn using the inside edge throughout the turn.
  • P1 continues to the next obstacle making another quick series of turns shifting weight from inside edge to inside edge changing skate angles then goes in for a shot.


  • Practice making jumps from left skate to right skate and right skate to left skate. • Accelerate to the net after the last turn.

Inside Out Fake to Shot


  • P1 steps up, pivots backwards then forwards as the Coach chips a puck off the end boards.
  • P1 makes shoulder checks over both shoulders, picks up the puck, makes an evasive move then turns up the wall.
  • P1 then makes two inside out fakes, hinting with shoulders, skates, eyes and stick. After making the two fakes, P1 accelerates around the top of the face off circle and goes in for a shot.


  • Switch sides after a few repetitions to work pivots and fakes from the other side. • Shoot in stride.

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