Coaching Before Player Development, with Mike MacMillan

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"You can't do player development if you don't have good coaches."

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In episode 213, USA Hockey’s National Coach-in-Chief Mike MacMillan joins the show.

MacMillan’s role, along with the regional coach-in-chiefs, is to make decisions on how to best educate hockey coaches, and ultimately have a direct influence on the development opportunity afforded to young players in the US.

With hockey being as big as it ever has in the US in terms of number of players, MacMillan credits the success to their coach education system, which he believes is the gold standard in the hockey world.

“I’d like to say, I’m very prideful in the fact that we’ve gotten better as a country playing hockey. You can’t do player development if you don’t have good coaches.”

Listen as he discusses the pageantry that is the Minnesota High School Championships, how tech is evolving coach education, and the positive role the game plays in supporting the overall development young boys and girls.

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