Preparing Your Team for the Big Stage, with Sean Goldsworthy

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“Culture is non-negotiable.”

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In episode #234 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we welcome Sean Goldsworthy, Head Coach at Minnetonka High School, the reigning AA State Champions in Minnesota.

Last season, Minnetonka HS captured the title with a 2-1 win over rival Edina High School in the State Tournament in front of a sold out crowd at the Xcel Energy Centre. This was the second state title under Goldsworthy's watch.

Listen as he shares how uses the 'multiple puck' practice tactic, why culture is a non-negotiable, and how to prepare your team for the big stage.


  • 0:10 Growing up with a dad in the NHL/Gretzky story
  • 3:50 Showing humility
  • 5:30 Dad playing in the '72 Summit Series for Canada
  • 10:40 Impact of '72 series on Canada
  • 13:30 Minnesota High School Hockey in '70s
  • 16:00 The culture of High School Hockey
  • 18:40 Player development in Minnesota
  • 26:00 Keeping things fresh with your team
  • 30:20 Setting the table for this season as defending champions
  • 34:00 Planning for success late in a season
  • 37:00 Details and Habits that led to success
  • 40:40 Active Conflict and Multiple Pucks
  • 45:00 Preparing players to perform on a big stage
  • 50:50 Winning the right way with his program
  • 54:10 Culture is a non-negotiable
  • 58:30 20 years coaching at his alma mater

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