Why Simple is Best, with Minnesota State’s Luke Strand


“It’s our job to know how the player learns.”

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For episode #227 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we were fortunate to attend the Minnesota Hockey Directors Conference and be joined by Luke Strand, newly named Head Coach of the Minnesota State Mavericks.

Strand is a friend of The Coaches Site, and needless to say our team is pumped for him and the Mavericks program. He’s earned this opportunity and has put together an amazing staff that knows how to prepare players for the rigours of professional hockey.

Listen as shares the importance of getting players out of their comfort zone, why simple is best, and how to handle player mistakes.


  • 2:10 Getting the opportunity with Minnesota
  • 3:30 Building culture with a new team
  • 5:00 Team building with young players
  • 6:40 Advice to players looking to play in NHL
  • 8:30 His ability to develop individual players
  • 10:48 Getting players out of their comfort zone
  • 12:30 Being an efficient coach
  • 14:00 Why simple is best
  • 16:45 Foundational skills for youth players
  • 19:00 Helping players who make mistakes during games
  • 20:35 How communication and relationships have changed with players
  • 22:00 What analytics have told us about overlooked aspects of the game
  • 25:05 Using video for one on one interactions
  • 27:00 Part – whole – part approach to teaching 2
  • 29:20 Allowing players to play with instinct
  • 31:55 Learning from other coaches at Hlinka Gretzky Cup
  • 33:35 How to implement lessons learned from mentors
  • 35:15 Learning from other sports
  • 37:00 Balancing being a players coach with holding players accountable

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