Helping Players Stay in the Moment, with Dr. Cassidy Preston

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“The ‘Screw It’ mentality is such a fundamental way to help somebody let go.”

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In episode #238 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we welcome good friend of TCS, Dr. Cassidy Preston. He is the Founder of CEP Mindset and co-host of the Beyond the X's and O's Podcast.

Dr. Preston recently released his book Mindset First, which touches on how coaches and athletes can break free from focusing on results, performing with confidence and rise to the occasion.

You can check it out here.

Listen as he shares how the "Screw It" mindset can help you let go, why confidence is a word he tries to stay away from, and why coaches should avoid being too judgmental with players.


  • 0:00 Idea behind his new book
  • 1:45 Biggest takeaways from book
  • 5:30 The "Screw It" mindset
  • 13:50 Tips on building confidence
  • 19:00 Creating your own narrative
  • 24:40 Sharing your alter-ego
  • 28:00 Helping young players deal difficult situations
  • 32:10 Using good questions to get feedback
  • 36:45 The 3-4 Attack Mindset for feedback
  • 41:15 Collapsing the Nightmare
  • 47:00 The power of good intent
  • 51:30 Being intrinsically motivated
  • 59:40 The flower bed story

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