Improving Game Awareness, with Chicago Wolves' Dave Barr

“You can develop so many skills within drills that you’re already doing. What’s important is what you ask of them.”


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In episode #229 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we’re joined by Dave Barr, who at the time of this recording was days away from opening training camp with the Chicago Wolves, where he begins his first season as the club’s Assistant Coach.

After turning pro in 1981, Barr has spent every single season since then as a coach or General Manager in professional hockey, with the exception of five seasons, between 2003 and 2008, when he was with Guelph of the Ontario Hockey League.

Listen as shares methods for improving a player’s scanning, why even elite players need feedback, and his experience coaching a 15 year-old Connor Bedard.


  • 0:10 Playing career with the Chicago Wolves
  • 2:00 Selling the message
  • 3:00 Can a team’s identity be both offensive and defensive?
  • 4:50 Where do you start with teaching habits and systems
  • 7:20 How to balance system drills with getting players moving
  • 10:40 Lessons learned while coaching in Vienna
  • 13:50 Difference and similarities with game in Europe
  • 16:00 Coaching top Canadian rookie crop at U18s
  • 18:50 Coaching Connor Bedard
  • 21:40 Utilizing video work in Junior and Pro
  • 24:40 History of career as enforcer
  • 27:00 His path to the NHL
  • 31:00 Communication and being a supportive teammate
  • 34:10 Effective check ins with player/Joe Sakic story
  • 36:30 Advice for giving feedback to players
  • 39:20 Improving scanning and reading the game/awareness
  • 44:30 Working on the fundamentals
  • 46:40 Starting as a player coach
  • 48:50 Advice to younger self as a coach
  • 52:00 First time being a GM/President
  • 53:20 Working with Steve Spott and Pete DeBoer/value of staff chemistry
  • 56:10 How he uses analytics 1:02:00 Getting a chance to sit in on Minnesota Vikings training camp
  • 1:10:00 Working with Joe Pavelski

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