How to Improve Hockey Sense, with Skill Development Coach Brian Slugocki

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Catch Slugocki at the upcoming Global Skills Showcase, taking place March 6-10, 2023.

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In episode 210 of the Glass and Out Podcast Brian Slugocki, Founder of Slugocki Hockey, joins the show.

His current roles include Skill Development Consultant for the NHL Arizona Coyotes and prospects, Director of Skill Development for the Jr. Coyotes youth program, Skills Coach for Total Package Hockey (TPH), all in addition to running private and small group training for youth players up to NHL players through his company Slugocki Hockey.

He will also be presenting at the 2023 Global Skills Showcase on how to develop hockey sense through small area games.

Slugocki credits his time working under one of hockey’s top development coaches, Darryl Belfry, for influencing his philosophy on player development and building a player’s knowledge on the ice.

By using different strategies and learning methods, and building a strong rapport through video feedback, he believes big steps can be made.

“You’re not born with hockey sense. Some people, genetically, have the propensity to be better at hockey, but you can work on and improve your skills. You can make an impact on the game besides they have it or they don’t.”

Hear him discuss how you create a practice plan for elite players like Auston Matthews, what goes into creating a learning environment that develops hockey sense, and why you need to check for learning.

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