Download the Free 2024 Global Skills Showcase Drill Book

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Gain access to 20+ drills from the world's top skills coaches!

We’re excited to announce the release of the 2024 Global Skills Showcase Drill Book!

Following their presentations, this year's GSS presenters shared their tried and tested drills which we’ve compiled into the 2024 Global Skills Showcase Drill Book. Throughout this resource, you’ll find over 20 drills, each with a detailed description and key teaching points that you can use at practice with your players. Members of The Coaches Site can also watch on-ice demonstrations through the video button at the bottom of each page.


If you enjoy this resource, be sure to follow the featured coaches on The Coaches Site, where you can ask questions, share your feedback and even post videos of your team working on skills showcased in the Drill Book!

Miss out on their presentations? You can view all five now by visiting our Global Skills Showcase section.

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