A Practical Look at Building a New Era of Coaching

"We want to ensure that people are understanding the ‘command and control’ coaching of the past is not acceptable..."

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The Coaches Site is proud to welcome Beyond the X’s and O’s with Dr. Cassidy Preston and Chris DePiero to our network of podcasts! Stay tuned for weekly episodes as they help coaches develop the “soft” skills of leadership.

In this episode we double down on our season 2 Declaration of War by contrasting the ‘old school’ coaching mentality with the New Era of Coaching.

This episode was not originally in the line-up, but we added it because of numerous messages we received in support of this season, some of which asked for more practical advice for how to overcome ‘old school’ ways of thinking.

Plus there was an interesting message against this season and so we wanted to affirm that the ‘old school’ mentality is still lingering – we see it daily from many of the athletes we work with.

We want to ensure that people are understanding the ‘command and control’ coaching of the past is not acceptable and that coaches need to challenge themselves to grow in their understanding of what effective coaching is.

Specifically, in this episode, we provide practical suggestions from four different perspectives within the game:

  1. Head Coaches – The importance of evolving as a coach and shifting away from common ‘old school’ behaviours.
  2. Assistant Coaches – What to do if you find yourself working with an ‘old school’ mentality head coach.
  3. Players – How NOT to let the coaches be an excuse for their mindset and performance.
  4. Parents – This is a huge one for youth sports in helping shift the cultural norms and setting higher standards.

Continue to join us in the fight against the ‘old school’ coaching mentality by sharing with your fellow coaches!

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